Maine Governor’s PFAS Task Force; Maine DEP Hearing on Designation of (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) PFOS as a Priority Chemical; and about PFAS

Executive Order 5 FY 19/20 created the Governor’s Task Force on the Threats of PFAS Contamination to Public Health and the Environment (Task Force). Follow the link for task force meetings, materials, etc.:   #PFAS #PFOS

On the hearing previously held this Spring, and links to resources:

The Department is proposing to adopt a new rule that will designate perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (“PFOS”) as a priority chemical and require reporting for certain product categories that contains this regulated chemical. The proposed rule applies to manufacturers of specified product categories that contain intentionally added amounts of PFOS, which is often used to make clothing water repellant, among many other uses.

Department Rulemaking Meeting Date: April 23, 2019 Time: 1:00 PM

Location: DEP Response Training Room, 7 Chimney Lane (AMHI Complex), Augusta, Maine

Contact: Kerri Malinowski, 207-215-1894

Chapter 890, Designation of PFOS as a Priority Chemical

Agenda  Routine Technical Rulemaking DEP Response Training Room 4 Blossom Lane (AMHI Complex) April 23, 2019

1. Calling Meeting to Order and Introduction (David Burns, Director BRWM)    1:00 pm

2. Hearings   Rule Publication Hearing Comment Deadline Chapter 890, Designation of PFOS as a Priority Chemical   ( Publication: 4/3/2019  Hearing: 4/23/2019  Comment Deadline: 5/6/2019 )

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For information on other Maine DEP Rulemaking proposals, go to


For related information on PFAS see IC2 (Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse) at  This is a longer recorded webinar which looks at the various chemicals, types and groups involved in PFOS/PFAS discussions, and suggests the chemicals of concern (some phased out) which have environmental or biological degradation issues.


The related EPA webpage: